The City of
Newton Falls

Water Utility Services

Water Treatment and Distribution
Water Treatment Plant
175  West River Road
Jeff Hawkins, Superintendent
(330) 872 – 1808
Office Hours: Monday – Friday  7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Raw water is pumped from the East Branch of the Mahoning River  directly to the plant for treatment. It is treated by flocculation, 2-stage sedimentation, fluoridation, filtration and chlorination. It also undergoes pH adjustment to be just on the basic side of neutral which is important for inhibiting corrosion of the pipes in the distribution system.

The Newton Falls Treatment plant operates at 56% capacity.  There is plenty of room for growth in the city and in it’s service area.

Bulk Water Purchase

The City of Newton Falls sells water for bulk purchases.  Please contact the Utility Billing Office for rates and permit information at 330-872-5990.

Plant Tours

If your school, class, or organization wish to take a field trip to tour the new plant please contact the water plant at the above phone number.

Storm Water Protection Plan

Drinking Water Source Protection Plan For The City Of Newton Falls (PDF file)

Consumer Confidence Report

Consumer Confidence Report 2016


Office Hours: Monday – Friday  7:00 am – 3:30 pm
Chuck Lane, Distribution Superintendent
135 West River Road

Please contact the Newton Falls Police Department after hours.

The Water Distribution Division maintains approximately 45.8 miles of pipes which are from 2″ to 12″ in diameter in the City of Newton Falls, Newton Township and Braceville Township. The Water Distribution Division also maintains approximately 375 fire hydrants. There are approximately 1924 water customers in the City of Newton Falls and approximately 632 water customers outside the City.