The City of
Newton Falls


Newton Falls Joint Fire District
19 North Canal St. Suite #1
Newton Falls, OH 44444

The City of Newton Falls is served by the Newton Falls Joint Fire District.  The district is managed by a separate district board.

Fire District Board

Until January 1, 1994, Newton Falls and Newton Township operated separate fire equipment and the Township contracted with the Village/City for manpower. Fire Services were combined into the NF Joint Fire District under the management of a five-member board. The Board is composed with one member of the City Council, on Township Trustee and three citizens. The Township and City rotate on the appointment of the three citizens.

The Newton Fall Joint Fire District has an ISO rating of XXXX.

NF Joint Fire District Board

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6 P.M. at the fire station, 19 North Canal Street – Suite 1.


The Fire District employs a Fire Chief, Squad Commander, Clerk/Treasurer and Fire Board Advisor.  There are 31 volunteer (Paid-Per-Call) fireman and three are Paramedics.  There are fourteen Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) an done Advanced EMT.  The District employs Part-Time firefighter/Paramedics & EMT’s, Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 4 PM. (except Holidays) There are 9 currently working for the District.  The District obtains Paramedic Back-up during 4 PM – 8 AM when needed on a cost per use basis from neighboring fire departments and private ambulance services.


The Citizens volunteered as firefighters when a fire occurred in the early days of the community.  The hamlet acquired a “Hand Pumper” in 1839 manufactured by the Douglas Factory in Middletown, Connecticut, which is believed to be one of the oldest in the United States.  It was derisively called “Doc Porter’s Squirt Gun” since, as Mayor Dr. J. F. Porter was responsible for its purchase and some in the community did not appreciate the need for it. The first volunteer to arrive at the fire station with his horse to pull the hand-pumper was paid $5.00 and this generated competition for the honor.

The Newton Falls Fire District was organized in February 1893 as a volunteer organization of between ten and fifteen members.  Newton Township had its own equipment and contracted with the village for manpower.  The NF Joint Fire District was created in January 1994 with both the village and the township appointing members to the governing board and sharing the operating cost of the fire department.  In 1995 the fire department members requested permission from the Fire Board to begin operating Emergency Medical Services.  This was approved and the District did not seek any additional revenue from the Township or City.  The Fire Board did not ask its citizens for an operating levy for this service and total EMS calls for 1995 was a mere seventy-seven.  In year ending December 31, 2007, the fire department responded to 660 EMS calls.  The Fire District does bill for emergency care and transport to area hospitals.  A one-mill, five-year levy was put before the voters in 2000 and approved.  It was again approved in 2005.  To date, the District has purchased a 2001 Ambulance, a 2002 Pumper/Tanker, a 2006 Ambulance, and a 2007 Engine, which replaced a 1986 & 1990 Ambulances and a 1975 & 1978 engines.

The District submitted for two separate Assistance to Firefighters Grant in 2007 and received both of these grants totaling $338,000.00.  Both of these grants required the Fire District to cover 5% of the total cost.  The first grant New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was replaced including 27 Self-contained breathing apparatus.  The second grant was for a new Brush Truck replacing our 1961 & 1972 jeeps.  We are expecting delivery prior to the first of the year.

Fire Apparatus/Ambulances

The Fire District has two engines, one pumper/tanker, and one 65’ aerial ladder, one rescue, one chief’s car, two advances life support ambulances, one boat & trailer and one new brush truck.

  • 2007 HME Ahrens-Fox Engine
  • 2002 New Lexington Pumper/Tanker
  • 1994 Pierce Engine
  • 1980 Peter-Pirsch Ladder
  • 1960’s 14’ Aluminum Boat w/trailer
  • 2001 Osage Ambulance
  • 2006 Osage Ambulance
  • 2008 CET Brush Truck
  • 1999 American Fire & Rescue
  • 2001 Ford Crown Victoria


By contract the City of Newton Falls and Newton Township share in the financial support of the NF Joint Fire District operations.  Additional funds are derived from 1-mill levy, ambulance fees, grants, donations and other miscellaneous income.