The City of
Newton Falls

City Manager

City Manager
Jack Haney
(330) 872-0806

The Newton Falls City Manager is appointed by City Council to serve as the City’s administrative head. The City Manager:

  • is the lead contact for all economic development projects and programs;
  • appoints, supervises, suspends & removes all of the officers & employees of the City that are under the Manager’s jurisdiction, in accordance with the law;
  • assures that all City contracts & ordinances and the laws of the State of Ohio are enforced;
  • makes recommendations to Council concerning the affairs of the City;
  • keeps Council advised of the City’s financial condition and future budgetary needs;
  • submits an annual report and such other reports as required by Council;
  • issues all licenses and permits pursuant to ordinance; and
  • performs all other duties as may be prescribed for the Manager by the Charter or directed by Council.