The City of
Newton Falls

City Clerk

City Clerk
Kathleen M. King
(330) 872-0806

The City Clerk is a full-time, salaried, position appointed by the Newton Falls City Council and works under the direct supervision of the City Manager. The Clerk acts as the Clerk of Council and is responsible for:

  • Giving notice of all Council meeting;
  • Keeping a journal of the minutes of all council proceedings;
  • Keeping all public records;
  • Acting as:
    • Secretary & assistant to the City Council;
    • Secretary to the Planning & Zoning Commission; and
    • Secretary to any other board, commission or committee, as directed by Council;
  • Representing Council, the Manager, and/or the City in a wide variety of deliberations & interactions with other governmental, private and private non-profit organizations, as assigned.

The City Clerk may be contacted at 330-872-0806 or