2011 Resolutions

by cityclerk on June 13, 2011


01-2011: Amending resolution 31-2010 authorizing disposal of unneeded equipment/property.

02-2011: Authorizing the City Mgr. to enter into agreement with Thomas Fok for engineering services.

03-2011: Authorizing Mutual Aid agreeemnt for law enforcement.

04-2011: Authorizing the City Mgr. to apply for FY 2011 CHIP funds.

05-2011: Authorizing the City Mgr. to enter into an administration agreement with NDS.

06-2011: Urging the President and Secretary of State and other officials to recognize and uphold extradition treat of equal reciprocity.

07-2011: Appreciation to responders of the train derailment.

08-2011: Supporting the establishment of the Mahoning River Water Trail.

09-2011: Authorizing disposal of unneeded equipment/property.

10-2011: Dedicating Veteran’s Park

11-2011: Authorizing the renewal of short-term notes.

12-2011: Establishing the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer as a single customer of the city water district for water delivered via Braceville-Robinson waterline.

13-2011: Adopting the budget for the fiscal year beginning 1-1-2-12 & submitting to Auditor.

14-2011: Appreciation to July 4th festivities Committee.

15-2011: Appreciation to the Flower Beautification Committee.

16-2011: Authorizing the City Manager to prepare & submit an application to OPWC.

17-2011: Authorizing the City of NEwotn Falls to dispose of unneeded equipment/property.

18-2011: Authorizing the City Manager to enter into and execute contracts for First Street Resurfacing & Storm Sewer Improvements.

19-2011: Resolution of Appreciation to Terry Coons for his years of service to the Newton Falls Fire District.

20-2011: Accepting the amount and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies.

21-2011: Authorizing the Finance Director to amend and file a certificate of resources to the County Auditor.


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